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Welcome friends! So glad you are here, this is Spiritually Fed. My desire is to share my personal life and spiritually growing experiences with each one of you to connect and relate. My goal is for you to see the how prominent the Holy Ghost is in our everyday experiences. I am hoping you can see it through yours. But overall I am just hoping to connect and grow with you on our guide to becoming our best selves in our Earthly mortal experience.

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Wednesday Jan 20, 2021

In this episode I share with you how to slow down from filling our "all or agenda" to be more present and connect with ourselves.  Connecting through prayer and intimate internal conversations to be better we can understand who we are who we want to become.  Getting to know yourself will not only help you grow and accomplish your goals but develop a relationship you need to progress and understand more of your divine spirit. 

Wednesday Jan 13, 2021

In this episode I share my experience at a drive thru restaurant.  I wasn't showing up as my best with the cashier.  In want to try and be better in any situation where someone could possibly offend me. I can choose to be who I want to be. With my thoughts and actions trying to do my best to invite the spirit of the Holy Ghost with me as much as I can, I hope to speak a little more kindly and act a little more gently. All with Jesus Christ in my thoughts. 

Wednesday Jan 06, 2021

In this episode I share how my main focus is to bring others to Christ through the experiences I share. I hope I can be a missionary to all by... “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.” Love others despite who they follow.  Love others for who they want to become.  Love others because the Savior does.  Love them because I made a covenant through baptism to do so.

Thursday Dec 31, 2020

In this episode I share an experience with my daughter while reading the scriptures.  Each time we invite the spirit or talk of Christ she shares such a cute thought. Check it our here! http://www.spirituallyfedblog.com/children-are-the-light-of-christ-invitations-of-the-spirit/  

Wednesday Dec 23, 2020

In this episode I share with you how we can intentionally choose to love ALL of God's children despite our differences, things that are said or done to us.  With the Savior, Jesus Christ, as our example and learning through his teachings to be understanding, compassionate, and to see the good in one another, our love grows.  We all make mistakes and have struggles. We can choose to allow that to connect us and give more love. 

Wednesday Dec 16, 2020

In this episode I share how being kind to is something we tend to not do when we make mistakes. When we choose to be nice or kind to us especially when we DO make mistakes it's more motivating to try a little better and have more compassion and understanding.  We need to have our backs! Kindness will win!   

Wednesday Dec 09, 2020

In this episode I share how my version of giving 100% can be more about the connecting I do with myself and those that I love.  I love the moments I can connect with myself and my children. They fill my day with my version of 100%. http://www.spirituallyfedblog.com/whats-your-version-of-giving-100-as-a-mother/  

Wednesday Dec 02, 2020

In this episode I share my thoughts on the quote, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” -Pierre Teilhard de Chardin https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/principles-of-the-gospel/gospel-topics/plan-of-salvation?lang=eng  

Tuesday Nov 24, 2020

In this episode I share with 31 things I am grateful for. I hope it's a way for you to get to know me.  I love the healing power of the spirit of gratitude. During this unique time, finding more ways to be grateful gives us hope.  The prophet, Russell M. Nelson encourages the sharing of gratitude.  I have linked his video message below. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlcILxGmVrI  

Wednesday Nov 18, 2020

In this episode I share who we are wanting to compare ourselves to. The point is to not compare but how we can become better with our best thoughts, emotions, and actions.  I share an experience with my family that reminds me that the only person I want to be better with is my self. I am able to reach that more with the impressions of the spirit. An impression I had, "My children were given to me. What do I want to teach and how do I want to do it?"

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